Seed analysis

The quality of seed is tested for numerous properties.

Our laboratory is accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA). We analyse samples of all crop types, with the exceptions of trees and shrubs. The timely and reliable testing is carried out in accordance with international stipulations and, if required, further analysis methods are available.

  • determination of germination potential and seed vigour in different substrates (paper, sand and soil)
  • testing of seed purity and determination of other seeds by number
  • testing of seed identity, viability, moisture, sorting, etc.
  • testing of 'other' seed (from weeds or other plants)
  • testing of harmless contamination (broken grains, glumes, etc.) (cf. ISTA chapter 3)

Germination potential

Some 400 pure seeds (cf. purity) are germinated in sand or paper and assessed after an adequate germination period. Seeds and seedlings are categorised as follows: normal and abnormal - freshness, hardness and dead seeds. The resulting procentual evaluation is read as the seed's germination potential.

Determination of other seeds by number

A defined amount of seed is tested for foreign seed, which is then counted, and botanically named.

further testing

Many other seed testing possibilities are available to determine seed quality (e.g. determination of germination potential, identity, viability, sorting, etc.)




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