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LUFA stands for Landwirtschaftliche Untersuchungs- und Forschungs-Anstalt (Agricultural Research Institute).

LUFA is part of the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Saxony.

What does the LUFA do?

It checks the quality in the production of food stuff.

Why is inspection important?

  • We want to eat good food. They should not contain any harmful substances.
  • The farm animals have to be healthy. For this they need good fodder.
  • Farmers need good seeds for a good harvest.
  • Plants need good soil to grow.
  • The environment must be protected. Good quality protects the environment.

How does LUFA check quality?

LUFA has a laboratory. There it analyzes samples.
A sample is, for example, some seed, animal feed, soil or finished food.
If a sample is of poor quality, the farmer or the producer has to change it.

LUFA tells them how to do that.

LUFA advises farmers and producers.

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