Institute for Soil and Environment

The Institute for Soil and Environment, with its laboratories for soil, organic chemistry and water analysis, is one of the leading German laboratory service providers. The many various services range from sampling to analysis to consultation, and distinguish us as a flexible and versatile full service provider.

  Questions from the following areas of expertise:

  • Soil
  • Horticulture
  • Soil physical analyses
  • Odour measurements
  • Harmful substances
  • Residues
  • Water analysis
  • Biogas

are only a small sample of the multitude of tests available at the Institute for Soil and Environment, based on the huge range of instrumentation. Long-term participation in interlaboratory tests and our accreditation are witnesses to the quality of our work..

Technical Services:

As an institute accredited in all areas of analysis according to DIN ISO 17025, we can offer continuously monitored quality.

The Institute for Soil and Environment has the following subdivisions:

  • Soil
    Soil analysis (nutrients inorganic and organic noxious substances)
  • Environment
    Soil analysis (inorganic and organic noxious substances, such as dioxins)
    Water analysis (drinking, waste and ground water, etc.)
    Plant protective chemicals
    Immission testing
  • Horticulture
    Horticultural analyses (culture substrates, gardening soils and grounds, water for watering, etc.)
    Soil physical analyses (culture substrate, substrate raw materials, etc.)
  • Biogas

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will answer your questions quickly and competently. We are happy to make you an offer for analyses or to create an analysis package together with you, which is tailored to your requirements.



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