Soil, potting soil, growing media and growing media constituents

The horticultural laboratory offers professional horticultural companies, suppliers, traders and local councils a wide range of tests and analyses. The comprehensive services offered have been extended and improved over the years to meet our customers' needs.

Timely and reliable: LUFA Nord-West Horticultural Laboratory in Oldenburg, Germany.
Soils and growing media and their components (compost, peat, perlite, etc.) can be put through the following tests and analyses:
chemical parameters:

  • ph-values and salt levels
  • main and trace nutrients
  • total content, heavy metals, pollutants
  • cation-exchange capacity (Mehlich method)
  • carbonate content

physical parameters:

  • peat constituents (degree of decomposition)
  • pores volume, water capacity, air capacity
  • water recharge available for plants, grain size analysis, peat fibre content
  • determining fill quantities (in accordance with DIN EN 12580)

biological parameters:

  • plant/crop response (tests for seedlings and sprouts)
  • seed/grain germination potential and growth testing (weed testing)
  • peat (determining self-heating)

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