Educational centre for the dairy industry

Practical training & target-oriented learning!
Here at the Educational Centre for the Dairy Industry of the Institut für Lebensmittelqualität, we offer a basis of practical training and further education for young professionals in the dairy industry.

The central training centre for Lower Saxony, Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia teaches practical and theoretical expertise to future dairy specialists and dairy laboratory assistants - in collaboration with the technical college (BBS III Oldenburg).

Our popular master training - also as vocational training - offers a further step in the professional career.

Further information about training courses Milk technician or Dairy specialist and Dairy laboratory assistant and about the Dairy master training can be found on the website of the Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony (only in German).

In collaboration with the professional bodies for the dairy industry (Lower Saxony and Weser-Ems) we ensure that the professional knowledge is always up-to-date in special seminars.

In the technical development department, we offer our customers the basis for recipe optimisation and product and process development.