Dairy specialist

Further training to become a Dairy Specialist is an investment in your professional future.

Dairy specialists organise and coordinate work processes in the processing of milk and in the manufacture of dairy products. They monitor and optimise production processes, define recipes, direct specialists and are responsible for company training. In order to ensure product quality, they check not only the milk products but also the raw and auxiliary materials.

The Dairy Education Centre of the Institute for Food Quality offers advanced training courses in two forms:
- 8-month master course
 This begins in August/September and ends in May/June of the following year.
- 3-year master course
 The 3-year course is divided into three blocks spread over three years. The relatively short blocks make it possible to attend the course without having to give notice in agreement with the companies.

Accommodation and meals can be provided during the course on request.

Prerequisites for admission to the master craftsman examination are:
-Completed training in the recognised training occupation of dairy specialist or milk technologist and at least two years' professional experience, or
-a successfully passed final examination in a recognised agricultural training occupation and at least three years' professional experience, or
-at least five years' professional experience in the dairy sector.

The master craftsman examination consists of 3 parts:

1. production and process engineering
2. operational and corporate management
3. vocational training and personnel management

Further information and registration form can be found at www.lwk-niedersachsen.de/molkereimeister.


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