Water Testing at LUFA Nord-West

Water is used for various purposes in a variety of ways. It is a vital resource as drinking water for humans and as livestock water for our animals.

Plants require water for growth, either in the form of rainwater or applied by manual, spray or other forms of artificial irrigation.

Water can serve as a habitat for animals and plants and as a recreational space for us humans. But it can also be used for shipping or for the disposal of waste. In each case, the applicable water quality requirements differ greatly in terms of physical, chemical and microbiological properties depending on purpose and use.

As both the requirements and the evaluation methods can in part vary greatly for different water categories, LUFA Nord-West offers a variety of analysis packages to suit the practical circumstances in each case. You will find further information on the individual analysis packages under the relevant water category:

  • Drinking Water and Raw Water
  • Microbiological Drinking Water Analysis for Self-Monitoring
  • Analysis of Livestock Water at LUFA Nord-West
  • Analysis of Water Samples According to QS GAP and GLOBAL GAP
  • Horticulture: Water for Irrigation and Nutrient Solutions
  • Water from Bathing Waters, Small Bathing Ponds and Swimming Pools



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