Dairy laboratory assistant

Milk, butter, yoghurt, quark, cheese and ice cream are among our staple foods.

Dairy laboratory assistant perform important tasks in the quality control and quality assurance of these products in dairies and cheese dairies.
They examine and test milk and dairy products as well as other foodstuffs, water and additives using modern chemical, physical and microbiological methods. In addition, they take samples, carry out sensory tests and analyses and evaluate the test results. In the following film, the training occupation is presented.

In the affiliated dairy education centre of the Institute for Food Quality, the vocational school courses and the inter-company training courses are carried out in partnership with the Vocational School 3 Oldenburg.

The instruction for the trainees from the federal states of Niedersachsen, Bremen and Nordrhein-Westfalen takes place in block form. Accommodation and meals are provided during this time.

Anyone who wants to develop professionally and is looking for a challenge in responsibility can train to become a laboratory specialist, complete the technical training, study at a university of applied sciences or even at a university.
However, for all career opportunities, practical training as a dairy farmer or laboratory assistant is an indispensable or at least recommendable prerequisite for studies.

Detailed information can be found at www.lwk-niedersachsen.de/milchwirtschaftlicher Laborant.


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