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The quality of a food can already be determined by a sensory examination of the smell, taste and appearance.

In addition to the hard facts of ingredient analysis, it is becoming increasingly important for companies in the food industry to pay more attention to the sensory definition of their products. With increasing product diversity, the customer's taste experience is coming to the fore more strongly. Special flavours, exciting or novel textures, an unmistakable mouthfeel are already decisive for consumers as to which food manufacturer they place their trust in.

Paying tribute to this sensory component requires not only a trained palate but also a great deal of dedication and experience as to what demands should be made on a particular product in the current context. In doing so, just as much importance is to be attached to regional characteristics as to consistent product quality.

The Institute for Food Quality has an excellently trained sensory panel. Thanks to many years of experience and proven expertise, all your sensory questions are at the right address with us. We test your routine products from production according to the proven 5-point scheme or test your test series for sensory abnormalities or potential acceptance on the market.

Do you want to introduce sensor technology in your company yourself? Here, too, our specialists can provide you with expert advice, lively and practical training or lectures. We will train your employees on site or at our premises, also in relation to your specific product group and requirements.

If you have any questions or would like information on prices, availability or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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