Swine diagnostics

Our analysis facilities can provide customers with a wide range of tests for monitoring the health of swine.

We employ a combination of different methods to deal with regular health checks and disease in swine stock.

respiratory disorders

The PCR method can be employed to determine the presence of pathogens in organ, swab, bronchial wash and EDTA blood/serum samples in serious cases and for stock screening.

multiplex PCR screening

This method can be employed to determine the presence of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), PRRS virus (differentiated in EU/US strains), cytomegalie virus, influenza A virus, corona virus (PRCV) and Mycoplasma (M. hyopneumoniae and M. hyorhinis).


Individual PCR testing is available for exclusion diagnostics and stock monitoring purposes (e.g. for breeding stock, animals on the sales market). The following pathogens can be determined:

PCV2 (also as quantitative PCR)

PRRS (EU/US strains)

Influenza A

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (App)

Haemophilus parasuis (Hps)

mycoplasma hyopneumoniae


Individual PCR tests can also be undertaken for pooled samples made up of 5 individual samples (pooled samples creation from individual samples in laboratory).

Toxin producing Pasteurella (rhinitis atrophicans) from nasal swabs are tested using PCR.



Streptococcus suis

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Haemophilus parasuis

resistance testing (microdilution process)

antibody determination

PRRS antibody (ELISA)

PCV2 antibody (ELISA)

Igm / IgG makes it possible to determine moment of infection

App. antibody (ELISA)

M. hyopneumoniae antibody (ELISA)

reproduction disorders

Pathogen determination employing PCR of swabs, EDTA blood, semen, abortion/organ material, fetal organs and placenta can be submitted in small amounts (approx 5 g).

PRRS virus (EU/US strains) 1+2

circovirus (PCV2) 1+2

porcine parvovirus 1+2

classical swine fever (CSF) 1+2

chlamydia 2

leptospires (also from urine) 2


1 = from blood

2 = from abortion material

pathogen determination from cervix swabs

bacteriological analysis

resistance testing (microdilution process)

chlamydia (PCR)


antibody determination from plasma/serum (serological)

PRRS antibody (ELISA)

PCV2 (IgM/IgG) antibody (ELISA)

Brucella (B. abortus / B. melitensis) antibody (RBT, SLA, KBR – only serum)

Aujeszky antibody (ELISA) (gB and g1)

CSF antibody (ELISA)


diarrhoea pathogens

pathogen determination employing PCR from faeces and rectal swabs

Brachyspira (typification: Br. hyodysenteriae and Br. pilosicoli)

Porcine Intestinal Adenomatose (PIA) caused by Lawsonia intracellularis


also available: combined 'triplex' PCR for Brachyspira / PIA


Pathogen determination employing bacteria cultures from faeces samples

E. coli

Salmonella (typification)

Clostridia (typification)

resistance testing (microdilution process)


We can provide transport containers with peptone water for faeces and sock samples for salmonella.


Determination of parasites and their eggs in faeces samples

roundworm (Ascaris)

gastrointestinal worm (strongyles / strongyloides)

whipworm (Trichuris)




Pathogen determination employing ELISA for faeces and swab samples

rotavirus antigen (ELISA)


Antibody determination from plasma / serum (serological)

salmonella antibodies (blood / meat juice)

PIA (Lawsonia intracellularis) antibodies (plasma / serum) (ELISA)


other testing

Sarcoptes antibodies (in serum)

skin scraping samples (bacteriologic, parasitological and mycological)





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