Sheep and goat diagnostics

Whether monitoring stock for parasites or pathogens, speedy and reliable testing is crucial for ensuring the health of your sheep and goats.

With the combination of various testing methods, such as bacteriological, parasitological, PCR and serological, the timeliest and most reliable results can be attained.

respiratory disorders

bacteriological testing of nasal swabs

  • Pasteurella multocida

  • Mannheimia haemolytica

  • resistance tests with microdilution process

parasitological testing

  • larvae migration method to test for lungworm larvae

serological testing (from EDTA, blood, serum or milk)

  • Maedi Visna virus (MVV-ELISA)

  • Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis virus (CAEV-ELISA)

reproductive disorders

Determination of pathogens using PCR on blood or abort material for:

  • Border Disease virus

  • chlamydia

bacteriological testing of cervix swabs, washings and organ samples for:

  • E. coli / enterobacteriaceae

  • haemolysing cocci

  • pyogenes

serological testing (EDTA blood/serum)

  • Brucella abortus and melitensis—antibodies (RBT, SLA complement fixation test (CFT) (only on serum)

  • Border Disease antigen (ELISA)

  • chlamydia antibodies (ELISA)

  • Q fever antibodies (ELISA)

mastitis testing

for individual animals or stock

  • bacteriological pathogen cultivation with subsequent differentiation

  • testing for yeasts and prototheca

  • fluorescence optic cell count determination

  • resistance testing with microdilution process

  • For other testing possibilities, take a look at the offer for cattle.

Diarrhoea pathogens

parasitological testing with sedimentation/flotation method for the determination of parasite eggs:

  • gastrointestinal worms

  • liver flukes (lot samples recommended)

  • tape worms

  • coccidial oocysts

larvae migration method to determine:

  • larvae stages of gastrointestinal lungworm larvae

bacteriological testing of excrement samples and swabs:

  • E. coli

  • Salmonella (typification)

  • Clostridia (typification)

  • Paratuberculosis (Mycobacterium avium ssp paratuberculosis)

  • cultivation/PCR and direct microscopic determination

serological testing

  • paratuberculosis antibodies (ELISA from EDTA blood or serum)

  • fascoliosis antibodies (ELISA from serum)

further testing

bluetongue virus stereotype from EDTA blood (animals for sale)

  • antibodies (ELISA)

  • virus determination (real-time PCR)








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